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Recommended Usage

Mr Pumice provides optimal skin care when used with a callous softening product.

We recommend our MR PUMICE CALLOUS TERMINATOR to soften dry thick calloused skin.

On clean feet, apply a quarter size amount of product to the affected area. Try not to get any callous removing products on your hands fingers or feet. Wearing gloves is always recommended. Allow softening product to saturate for about 2 minutes, then begin to slough with a wet pumice bar of your choice. Rinse and repeat if needed. Rinse the pumice bar and place in a stand up position to dry. Wash hands and feet thoroughly with soap and water to remove any residue. Apply your favorite lotion.

If using Mr Pumice as post pedicure foot care, simply use in the shower with your favorite body wash to keep feet in top condition. Again rinse thoroughly and place the bar in a stand up position to dry.

If using the Mr Pumice bar on dry feet you may find that you need to add a softening product. Follow guidance listed above.
Using the Mr Pumice bar dry, will create “pumice dust” nothing to be alarmed with, and will subside when using water, softening products, and bath gels, body washes.

You may notice when Mr Pumice when first opened and used it may have “residue” pumice that you will see ..ie, pumice dust. There is nothing wrong or alarming with the bar, this is from the cut in the factory. The “pumice dust” subsides with use.

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